Monday, December 21, 2009

TLC, here I come!

What do all these pictures have in common?

Well. If you guessed "Wow, Katie is the most ridiculously good looking person I have ever seen." You'd be wrong. Well, technically you would be right, since I am, but that's not the point of the pictures.

Pretty much, I have a (not so) secret goal in life to be on What Not To Wear. I was obsessed with that show for awhile. My mom and I would watch the new episode on Friday nights (I was so popular, and everyone wanted to hang out with me, so I felt that I should be fair and hang out with no one on Friday nights. Aren't I so nice?), and would be so excited whenever a marathon came on. You'd think after watching all those episodes I would most definitely know "what not to wear."

Believe me, I do. I know it's not socially acceptable to wear pajamas to the store, nice shirts with pajama pants, pink and orange together, certain types of shoes with certain outfits, aprons while going to get the mail, etc. So why do I still do it? Well, reason #1 . . . I think it's funny. I get a kick out of some of the looks I get. Reason #2--I just really like sweat pants and pajamas. Reason #3--Sometimes it's just more convenient. I mean, if I'm going to the gym, and I need to go the gym, why not wear my gym clothes? I mean. It's not like they are immodest. It's just a t-shirt and knee length gym shorts. I'm not about to waste gas and make two trips out, when I can kill two birds with one stone. Reason #4--Mainly, I just really want to get on what not to wear. In case you were wondering, I have no money. At all. I may work 20 hours a week at school, but after rent is paid, tithing paid, and groceries are bought, I have about 10 dollars left. That leaves dollars for clothes. A 5,000$ wardrobe and a new hairstyle would be so nice. If I had a ton of money, I would totally have a better wardrobe. But alas, I don't. So I have to just buy one thing every few months, or when school starts or it's Christmas time, I get new clothes from my mom and what not. Which is nice. and Reason #5--TLC...Seriously, who wouldn't want to be in that channel? I mean, I'll never get on for having 75,000 kids, for for being a midget, owning a tattoo shop, or not knowing I was pregnant (since seriously....Those are the only shows they have these days), so I have to go for the most in reach show.

And I tend to wear clothes during the wrong season. I'll wear skirts and flats when it's negative degrees outside and a foot of snow. I wear bright colors during the winter. Just the other day, I was showing my mom the church outfits I brought. She was absolutely appalled. Apparently she didn't think a short sleeved, yellow dress was appropriate for Christmas Sunday, or a flowery short sleeved dress. She looked at me and was like "And you think I have no fashion sense....". Thanks mom. Thanks.

And I love shoes, right? I think they are fun. But I don't have enough money to buy all the ones I want. And for some reason, I always seem to lose one of everyone of my shoes. It is so super sad. So when I am running out of the house, I just grab the first pair of matching shoes I can find. Usually they don't really match my outfit. Example:

Yesterday I went with my dad to the airport to get Cindy and AJ. I wasn't aware I was going until my dad was running out the door, so I didn't have the chance to change into normal clothes, and find normal shoes. So I threw on the heels I had worn to Church. I figured I wouldn't be going inside. Imagine my surprise when I get a text from AJ telling me and Michael to come in and help them with their bags. For some reason, I was just way self conscious about my outfit choice (complete with a tye dye shirt and my coat), but I sucked it up and went inside. It was okay. No one made fun of me, out loud...except for maybe Cindy.

And, sometimes I wear clothes that are too big for me. I lost some weight over the past few years (and continue to do so...yay!). Which is good/awesome, but I can't buy a new wardrobe with every 5 pounds I lose. So my clothes don't always fit that great. That's a problem as well

But, even if I intentionally wear mismatched, silly clothes sometime, on occasion I do wear a fashion disaster, not on purpose. Like last summer at work, I woke up, put on a bright orange shirt, and then my bright red flats. That just does not go together. In my defense, I had to get up at 530 every day. And I'm not a morning person in any respect. And I will wear my apron for hours at a time without realizing it. I have accidently walked out to my car with it on, driven places, or just sat around in it for hours. I get that from my mom, because she does it too. She was just telling me how she's dropped kids off at school, gone to the post office, etc. with her apron on. I guess we just love to cook so much, we just have to be ready at the drop of a hat.

So, if you are reading this, I'm pretty sure you should nominate me. If I ever get on that show, I swear I will never wear weird clothes again. My goal will be complete. And I'm pretty sure a 5,000$ wardrobe will have me set for awhile.

(Okay I have to clarify. I don't ALWAYS dress like this. Truly, I do like looking nice. I LOVE doing my hair and putting on cute clothes. Epsecially for like Chuch, and School, and work. But if it's after 8 at night, I will likely be wearing sweat pants and won't change out of them to go somewhere, unless it's completely necessary. I apologize especially to Kristian and Ammon and the rest of their apartmenet, since I am pretty sure I have worn sweat pants to your apartment more often than not and given the impression that I don't wear anything else. That's what you get for hanging out after 10 o clock. I have tried to fix that though, and look nicer when we hung out towards the end of the semester. I hope that effort has been appreciated. I really don't like changing out of my comfy clothes once their on for just anyone!)


Anonymous said...

TLC = Tender Loving Care?

I am obviously not familiar with that TV network.

Mother of the Bride said...

You did make me laugh out loud again, Katie. But I still can't believe you don't have a winter outfit you can wear to Church. I guess it is a good thing Christmas is coming!!

mathistown said...

Ok so here's what I did and I don't think it would be exaggerating to say it kind of changed my life (seriously). I couldn't afford to buy a new wardrobe when I lost weight either, so I bought a few things here and there. The very best one? One of those big thick ones that stretches and goes around your waist (not in beltloops). I'm not kidding, it's revolutionized my whole outlook on clothes. It makes outfits ten tunes better and is soooo slimming. Especially over a cardigan and ruffly tanktop, or a dress + cardigan. Honestly, amazing. Nordstrom has a nice selection and mine was $14.

Run, don't walk. You won't be disappointed.

The Boob Nazi said...

It is completely okay to wear pajamas to the store!

Ammon said...

Thank you Katie, I really appreciate your effort to look nice. I remember that one time that you asked if it was ok if you wore sweat pants to our apartment and then you didn't. I was proud of you. Other than that I don't think i ever noticed what you were wearing. I must have been to blinded by your good looks. :)

Snash said...

Sweatpants are kosher to where anywhere.

Class... restaurants.....etc