Sunday, December 27, 2009

At last, I belong in Utah County

While I got some wonderful gifts for Christmas, I couldn't help but covet my sister, Diana, when she texted me on Christmas morning with this text:

Diana: "Brandon got me a bumpit for Christmas! lol!"

After I responded, she said she was gonna bring it over so we could play around with it. And. She did.

Just a little background. For some reason, many of my friends and roommates believe that I really want a bumpit. I'm not sure where the idea that I love the "utah poof" came from, but apparently I do. And as much as I do make fun of the huge utah poof, I am secretly amazed by the volume some woman can get from teasing their hair. And I will neither confirm nor deny that I have tried (and failed) to see just how poofy I can get my hair. Theoretically, if I had ever tried this, it was an epic fail. My hair just isn't very teasable. Oh well.

Anyways, I've secretly always wanted to try the bumpit. Just to see what it looked like in my hair. Even though Cortney has told me many times she would no longer be my friend if I used one. Granted, I would never actually wear one out in public, because really, I make fun of the Utah Poof and I think it looks silly, but yeah.

So Diana brought her's over. And we tried it out on her hair. Look how cute (in a i-wish-i-was-the-star-of-hairspray kind of way), she looked!

We ended up doing other things the rest of Christmas, so I unfortunately did not get the chance to try it out, much to my disappointment. However, Diana, being the smart cookie she is, decided to bring it the next day. So, since I feel the need to document everything I do, here's a play-by-play of my experience with the Bumpit. Be excited. But please ignore the messiness of my  hair. I had blow dryed it that day, and didn't really feel like straightening it. Just sayin'

The beginning. Can you tell how nervous I was. For one thing, I was a bit concerned that I may just love my hair in the Utah Poof, and I would want to wear it every day. Which would result in Cortney and I no longer being friends. And then my hair would have endless split ends from all the teasing (because, much to my dismay, you still have to tease your hair to use the bumpit). Which would be terrible, as I have gone to quite a few measures to make sure I don't get split ends. But. I sucked it up and took one for the team.

Here, Diana has finally brushed my hair enough, and is placing the first bumpit in. It was very exciting.

In the process of still putting it. It's a lot harder than you think to put a piece of cheap (but awesome) plastic in hair. And apparently having a bumpit in your hair gives you license to look like you're hopped up on something. Or maybe the sugarload from all the cookies I had eaten was finally starting to settle in . . .

After Diana put the bumpit in, I was not impressed. It just looked so silly. Then she realized that she had used too much hair. Thank goodness. My faith in As Seen On TV things almost was diminished. This is my "Wow Michael, please stop taking pictures of me as I look like a polygamist wife"

Sweet Tori. Even she was disgusted.

As Diana decided to try again, Tori felt that I needed to have my eyes covered until the moment of truth. Since we were in a bathroom, she felt that a piece of tissue was the best option. It was hard not to look, but I was tough, bit my tongue, and went forward with faith that Diana would not lead my hair astray. Again.

The Moment of truth. Beautiful. I know. And you know what they say, the higher your hair, the closer you are to heaven.

This doesn't have much to do with anything, but I just thought it was a funny picture. Star trek?

Finally, we put a headband on, just to accentuate the poof, and make the look more polished. I feel like I'm a mix of someone from the Brady Bunch, my mom when she was in high school, and the mom from the Adams family. But in a really cute way.

Look at that height. And can you even see the bumpit?! I think not! I most definitely will never be featured in the facebook group "Spot the Bumpit!" Thank goodness for having super thick hair. It may be killer to wash, blow dry, straighten, and curl...but it sure can cover a bumpit!

So the final verdict? I'm embarrassed to admit I slightly enjoyed the time I had with the bumpit and was slightly tempted to borrow Diana's to wear to Church, but I decided against it. I do have an image to uphold.

But now I know that I can successfully pull of big hair, and if I'm ever feeling left out when I'm in Provo, I can just go get one of these, and I'm sure my self-esteem will soar. Brandon and Diana did seem to think it looked good. But they may just be trying to make sure I detract any attention males might give me so I forever will babysit on New Years Eve for them. Any boys out there wanna date me even more after seeing how cute I look with big hair?

Maybe I'll go buy one. And wear it. Just because I'm sure it would ensure me a place on What Not To Wear...They do pay attention to what your hair looks like, you know. Then again, I really don't have 10 dollars to spare. Hint. Hint.

But in the mean time, I think I'll go with an Iteeze. They seem a little more natural. And you don't have to spend forever making a tease mess out of your hair. As the commercial shows.

I love As Seen On TV items.


Kristina P. said...

So funny! I don't know if you have read my post/review about the Bumpit. Personally, it was ridiculous on me. I have very thin hair.

You look smashing!

Seneca said...

Oh my word that was hilarious. Funny story: my mom and I were at an outdoor mall and this girl with a huge boufont(sp?)was with her bf....well a gust of wind came and blew her neat and pretty layer in her face while her teased nest was exposed. Ya shoulda seen the look of horror on her bf's face. I am not a fan of the bump it personally, I don't condem the sinner only the sin. :D haha

The Boob Nazi said...

You know you can't eat them, right??!?!?!?

Katie said...

whatttttttt? there goes my afternoon snack tomorrow!

Snash said...

Don't wear one.

Mother of the Bride said...

Haha--this was hilarious!!