Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Plea to the Man

(Some may have seen a condensed version of this as my facebook status, but I'm so bitter, I'm writing a longer version here.)

Dearest BYU,
To put it plainly, parking sucks. Now, it wouldn't be such a problem if I was a faculty member, which there seems to be more spots than needed. But alas, I am just a lowly sophomore with no special parking privelages. Even though I should.
Last week I was fortunate enough to grab the last spot in the parking lot by my work. Today, there were none. I decided to drive down to another Y lot. Praying a spot would appear. This did not happen. I drove through several different lots, about 5 times each, hoping someone would drive out of their spot and leave me with a glorious spot. This did not happen. So I drove around South of campus, looking for a spot on the street. There were none. Except for places that only allowed 2 hour parking. Or a random spot or two in between two cars. Yeah, I didn't learn how to parallel park in my online drivine class. Some may argue I didn't even learn how to park....And they'd be correct.
Finally I got to about 200 north. There were spots. Wait, this was about 6 blocks away from my class. Yeah, about that. After about an hour of driving around (yes, I don't give up easily, and no, it never dawned on me to just go back to my apartment to begin with), I drove back to my apartment. I had left an 30 minutes early to get to class. I thought I'd be set. Oh, but now, I was 30 minutes late.
I got to my apartment (well, Wells Fargo. But that's another story.) And parked. And walked to class. This only took about 15 minutes, but still, because I had driven around for so long looking for spot, I missed my class. Which I had a paper due in. And now will take a 10% hit on my grade because I wasn't there. I just about cried as I was trying to find a spot. I comforted myself by watching the Season Finale of the Secret Life of the American Teenager. That was nice.
You may ask, why didn't you just walk in the first place? Well, to be honest, I'm kind of lazy and my feet have blisters from some shoes I wore last week. Usually my reasoning is better, as I work early in the morning, or late at night. But I don't have work today, so basically, I was just lazy.
BUT, the blame should not be put on me. It is you, BYU, who is at fault. Please make more parking. Or give me special parking privelages. That would be excellent.
PS...Since I technically work for BYU, shouldn't I be able to park in the employee parking lot? I think so.


AJ and Cindy said...

How sad! I hate trying to find parking, it is so annoying!!

What did you think about the fianle? I hate that show, but I love it, too and can't stop watching it even though it annoys me, I am so bummed it won't be back on until January!!

Brandon and Diana Bronson Family Blog said...

That is so annoying!! I have been in parking lots where I couldn't find parking for like 10 minutes, and that was torture! I can't imagine you driving around for that long and not finding anything, and then having to end up walking!

I watched the finale too, I feel the same way as Cindy, I hate it, but I LOVE it! lol

Mauri said...

I HATE parking at BYU. Seriously. There is def not enough. I can't believe you drove around that long-I would have been mad after like 10 min & just walked haha. Even though I hate walking, I also hate driving around to all those dang parking lots looking. I think you should get to park in a lot as an employee :)

Um I watched that show last night (parts of it) you got me hooked on it although i haven't seen many episodes.

Kevin said...

SO...I thought this post might be about Joseph Smith....definitely NOT! lol

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. the only reason I get parking is because I have an 8am class...so nobody parks at like 7:40 hahaha. But even then it's south of campus and I have to walk all the way to the JKB! I totally think we should jack faculty parking stickers...or their license plates...take that professor deschweinitz...you're first on my list hehehe lol