Friday, January 1, 2010

Year in Review...Picture style!

Here's a picture overview of my year.  There are a lot of pictures, that aren't in any particular order, but I worked way too hard on this, so at least humor me and pretend like you read it. Gracias. 

That one time I had a cool friend named Rachel that I met in Biology, and then half way through the semester we realized we lived in the same building and ward, and then I was her visiting teacher and it was awesome. 

That one time I lived in Horne 52 and had some kick butt roommates who I love and miss dearly

That one time I made a cake for my mom's birthday and it was a fail. an epic fail. 

That one time Cortney and I went to King Soopers and did weird things and thought we were really really cool.

That one time Cortney and I had a sweet totinos pizza/koolaid/mario kart party during the summer because we had nothing cooler to do. INK BLOT!

That one time AJ and Brandon made the coolest drip castle ever at Pirates Cove and they spent the majority of their time in the Sand Box

That one time my beautiful oldest niece Alexis was baptized and it was a wonderful day and we sang a song together at the baptism and I forgot the words. 

That one time I had the best job in the world and I got 1500$ paychecks to seal envelopes. I miss that.

That one time my family and I had a warhead contest and I ate six at the same time and it was incredibly gross, but awesome at the same time. 

That one time where I started dating Jeremy and the next 7ish months were completely consumed by him, for better and worse. 

That one time Jeremy came to Colorado to visit me even though we had broken up, and then ended up getting back together, and then he broke my heart a month later. 

That one time Nicole, Megan, and I went to Elitches and were

That one time that everyone was so jealous of my snuggie and that I had one before anyone else did. 

That one time brotherbear married the most perfect girl for him in the world, Charbel

That one time Brandon and I decided to float down a river in Idaho at the family reunion even though my shirt was totally see through and wet afterwards

That one time my parents celebrated their 30th anniversary :)

That one time my Auntie Lin put together an awesome family reunion and we all had so much fun

That one time I went to Mexico for the first time and had the funnest time (minus the time that I was incredibly sick and thought I was going to die and my dad had to travel the scary streets of Mexico at 1 in the morning to find me medicine. Love him).

That one time in Mexico I discovered an intense love for Horchata and Tacos al Pastor

That one time I went to the Veracruz Wax Museum and found the love of my life in wax form

That one time I went Skydiving and it was epicly awesome

That one time Rachael and I tried to get a boy to hang out with us by asking him for a screwdriver, and we felt bad not actually using it, so we pretended to use it on the towel bar. But hey, we hung out with him.

Those many times I went to BYU football games with my friends and either almost died of heat stroke or got frost bite, but had lots of fun (even though we always left at half time)

That one time I went to use an egg, and it was frozen and quite possibly the nastiest thing of my life, but still managed to take a picture with it.

That one time we went to the malt shop and decided we should go every month and never did again.

That one time Megan came to visit me and we had ice cream and went to a bridal fair, and then found an awesome couch on the side of the road that is currently sitting in my living room at my apartment.

That one time we took forever to decide what haunted house we should go to, and in the end decided on a silly corn maze. 

That one time Stephanie made David a birthday cake even though we really didn't know him at all. 

That one time I made Ammon the coolest birthday cookie, and he was so nice and pretended like it tasted good even thought it was burnt, and it was that night he decided I was his favorite person in the world (Even though he won't admit it).

That one time I had In and Out for the first time and i was not impressed. and Eric was way offended when I said that.

That one time Stephanie and I successfully made a Turkey

That one time that we hosted a really awesome dinner and people actually came and we felt special.

That one time that BYU beat the Utes, and I watched the whole game with a bunch of awesome Ute fans. Even though Max Hall hates them.

That one time Ammon shared with me his girl getting cookies. It didn't work on me. 

That one time i sat in the corner of the kitchen and ate cookie dough because I was sad. 

That one time that beautiful Lyla was born. (Technically. This was like 2 months later when she was blessed. But you get the point :)

That one time my family was all together for Thanksgiving 

That one time I went to the Pie with some of my favorite people in the world, and then to Temple Square, and we drove around for an hour trying to find a parking spot.

That one time that I met Ammon and I've felt blessed ever since to know him.

That one time we had an awesome roommate gift exchange and this was my favorite face of the night.

That one time we dressed up as Zombies for Halloween and went to the funnest dance ever, and I danced like I never had before. It was epic. And likely to never happen again.

That one time I turned 20 and had so many awesome people celebrate with me and make it the best birthday to date!

That one time right before finals that we said goodbye to Ammon for 2 1/2 years and I had a hard time not crying. But was happy to know that David and Kristian would be around for another semester. 

That one time where Kristian was only nice to me when we talked on Skype but didn't like me in person. But he's still an awesome person nonetheless because he's one of my favorite people now.

That one time Andrea and I were alone in the apartment for the weekend and refused to do any dishes and we felt so rebellious and cool.

That one time Christie, Lindsay, and I got really excited about Indexing and made a cake and a indexing chart, but never did anything past that. 

That one time we went to the Draper Temple open house and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and made me so excited to go through the Temple one day.

That one time the roomies from freshman year and I went to Applebee's, and Shalece got into the Utah Idol contest and we watched Kareoke night.

That one time I jumped off the top level of this and I'm pretty sure I broke my tailbone as a result because I couldn't sit down without being in a ton of pain for about a month. 

That one time I was convinced  I should sell Mary Kay, even though I really knew I shouldn't. 

That one time my GPS got me lost and  I ended up driving on the highway in Utah for the first time and almost died. 

That one time I had a beautiful new niece who was born on December 30th :) how lucky was I to get two new nieces this year?!

And I'm sure there was a lot of other things I missed....But there's to an even better 2010!


Kristina P. said...

This post was fun. Lots of pictures. I love that.

Happy New Year!

The Boob Nazi said...

Wow. This must have taken forever! I'm glad you had a good year.

Anonymous said...

I would comment, but after chatting with you, I no longer have anything to say.

Mother of the Bride said...

Wow--what an awesome year! I'm so glad you made such a fun blog to help you remember all the things you did and all the people who were important to you. One question though--don't you mean you cooked a turkey, not made a turkey? haha!!

Linda said...

What a great post! And, by the way, we just got the Barker Christmas letter and I want you to know that I guessed right on what I thought your major was going to be!