Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What? You're from the Prison?

I haven't blogged for awhile. I've been working on this for a few days. I finally decided it was time to post.

Finally, after 2+ months of searching for one (unless you count the hours I spent filling out applicatinos online before I even got back from school), I finally got a job. A man in my stake needed someone to work for his company for two weeks because they were swamped. And, for once, fate was on my side, a friend of mine gave him my name, he called me, and lo and behold, he offered me the job. It pays really well (11.75! woo hoo!), and came in the nick of time. I had 50 dollars to my name in my bank account. And about 90 dollars in cell phone/gym membership fees to pay. I'm still wondering how I was planning on that working out (that's what a credit cards for, right?). Anyways, I've been working there for about a week, and it's quite the interesting environment. Completely the polar opposite of the clinic I worked at last semester (and for sure have back for the Fall! yay!) Just a few things that have happened, or that I've thought of, over the past week that I feel worth mentioning.

--The company I work for is called Prizm. When I answer the phone, or call someone, I typically say "This is Katie from Prizm". Honestly, 9 out of 10 people are like "Prison? You're calling from Prison?" My favorite was this old man...I was like "Hi, is Audrey there?" And he's like "Yes, who's calling?" And I'm like...It's Katie...From Prizm! And he's like WHAT! Katie from Prison?! And I'm like no, Prizm. And he's like "Audrey, someone's callling from Prison for you!?" It made me laugh
--Another funny one happened today...I answered the phone, and the woman was like "Prison? I don't know ANYONE in Prison!". And It was even funnier because she had a sweet southern accent.
--Like I mentioned, totally different environment than my sheltered BYU job. I think I've heard the F-word more in my life than ever before (I work by the customer service/claims department, which is about 25 men, aged 25-35). People take smoking breaks. Honestly, I think I am the only person there that doesn't smoke. At the clinic it was kind of shocking to hear someone say Darn or Fetch (okay, no one ever said Fetch, and it wasn't that shocking when they said Darn..but that's besides the point). People took breaks to go across the street to the Creamery and get ice cream.
--The other day my boss and another co-worker came up and were like "Katie do you want to go to a Rockies game with us on Friday." I, unfortunately, had to decline as I would be in Idaho. But secretly I let out a sigh of relief. Yes, I would love to go to a baseball game with a bunch of 35-50 year old men, who would likely be drinking the whole time. That's my favorite pasttime! haha. Just kidding. It sure was nice of them to ask.
--I have to ride the light rail from Littleton to Downtown every day. There are some very interesting characters on there. I'm always afraid there's going to be a terrorist attack (too much 24, maybe?). There are like 5o blind people that ride it in the morning. One of them almost got hit by the lightrail. Scariest thing of my life
--The lightrail has some funny signs on it. Like "No Gambling". I was disappointed, because I always bring along my poker table to play on the way to work. I guess I'll just have to do that under the table (ha ha ha)
--This is my question of the century. Why, when there are about 50 open seats, entices someone to come and sit RIGHT next to me. Not even across from me, but right next to me. I mean, do they not realize there are a million other seats...I mean, I understand if they are one of the blind people, but all the people that do this are creepy old men. Someone was like "Well, why don't you just sit on the end of the seat so they would have to climb over you, making it a lot more difficult?" And my answer for that? I want to sit in the seat next to the window, because I like to look at myself the whole way. Yes, I am vain, but I'm sure you all know that by now.
--Today my boss came up to me and put a fifty dollar bill on my desk. At first I thought it was some kind of "you are so beautiful, thanks for making this office look a little better", but after I realized that probably wasn't it, I just kind of stared at him. He was like, you won the drawing for not being late (being on time is apparently a big problem here). I was like, man, thanks! What made the day even better? I came home andmy 75 dollar check from the Photography Studio I worked at 2 years ago was in the mail. There's 135 (I think that's right?) dollars I didn't think I had.
--Luckily I get to listen to the radio all day. i've recently been converted to 92.5 the Wolf, and as sad as I am to admit this, I kind of like it more than KYGO. Sorry, but Kelly and Mudflap just annoy me. I much prefer the Jesse and Shotgun morning show. Though I'm starting to get sick of the radio. They play the same songs. Over. And Over. It's a little silly

That's about all. The End.


Mother of the Bride said...

I still laugh out loud everytime you mention the reactions you get when you say 'This is Katie from Prison (oops Prism!) hahaha

Mauri said...

Oh man that is really funny people think you say "from prison" I bet that gets annoying though-having to correct yourself all day. & lucky you for getting a bonus for being on time! Sweet! Stay away from the creeps on the lightrail. yuck. PS I HATE when people come sit RIGHT by me. Like in movie theatres too. It's like umm hello you could at least leave 1 seat in between. Don't they like they're little personal bubble space? I do. Unless its someone I know. Then I don't care

Stephanie said...

try www.pandora.com for music, that way you can change it up during the day. Unless you're not allowed to stream :-)