Friday, November 13, 2009

HBLL=Dating Central?

The Harold B. Lee Library.

Everyone who attends BYU will likely visit this building at some point or another. Most come to indulge in their books and study for tests. Some come to sleep. There are others, who just come to sit there and watch the shows they missed during the week and YouTube videos that they can't watch online because their internet is slower than anything, while eating their lunch (even though people look at them like they committed a sin. Hello, there is NO sign on the 2nd floor periodicals that states you can't eat). I will let you guess which one of those people are me.

Well, yesterday there was an article ** in the Daily Universe about the library. More specifically, how people get dates and numbers there ALL the time. Um. I spend several hours a week there in between my classes. Have I ever been asked out on a date? No. Have I followed the advice that the 100-Hour Board has given on getting dates in the library (found here). You'd better believe it. Have I sat in the 2nd floor periodicals after numerous people have told me that's where all the date-asking is at? Heck yes I do. But after two months, the only contact I've had with someone is a boy asking me to watch his books while he did something, saying hello to a couple of people I knew, and a boy telling me that the outlets on the table didn't work. But no dates. This may have to do with the fact that 9 times out of 10, I fail to do the ring check. I tend to sit at a table where a married man is. Just my luck, right? Well. Thank goodness for this article. It showed me what I was doing wrong.

Apparently, the FIFTH floor is where it's at. I know, I can't believe I've wasted TWO months sitting down on the second floor. Seriously, those people that told me the 2nd floor is where I should be--hate them. They totally knew that I would take all their dates from the fifth floor, so they tried to sabotage me. But guess what? Now I know the secret. I just have to convince like 10 of my friends to come by while I'm up there, say hello to me, so I can wave back and show that I am way outgoing and friendly. I think it'll work. The article also says that you shouldn't keep your head down and look like you're studying. PERFECT. Do I ever study anyways? I often times just sit at a table, with a text book or my laptop open, and do absolutely nothing. Now I just gotta smile huge at every single boy I see, and I'm pretty sure those dates will start rolling in. How grateful I am that the DU has corrected my ways of going to the 2nd floor. I should have known though. I was up there a few weeks ago, and there was crazy flirting going on all over the place. Why didn't I take that as a sign?

So, I'll be doing a study. For the next two weeks, I will spend an hour each day in the library (on the fifth floor, of course). After following all of this advice I've found to an exact art (making it very obvious there is no ring on my finger, shoo-ing away any girl or married man that sits near me, and making myself so-super attractive--not that I'm not already. I mean, who can resist someone who's favorite article of clothing is sweat pants and t-shirts?), if I don't get a date, or even a WINK (really, is that too much to ask), I will be writing the Daily Universe, letting them know that my hopes and dreams have been dashed because they got them up so high. I'll be reporting back, so keep checking.

Here's to finding my EC in the 5th floor of the library. Wish me luck. I'm hoping for a moment like in the music video I posted in my most previous post. Cept we'll dance on the bookshelves instead. It'll be cute.

**Really--Does ANY other college in the world have articles like this? Yeah. I'm thinking just BYU.


Tasha said...

I am so glad you are doing that. I too laughed when I read that article. and ps, I eat in the library all the time. but Harold loves me so much he doesn't mind ;]

Mauri said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE THIS!! First of all, yes, only at BYU would they post an article like this. All other colleges prob say to go to parties, get drunk & have random hook ups to meet guys. Jk but seriously...only byu would write about the library.

I want to know how this study goes. I'm interested....Def do the ring check. Nothing more awkward then looking at attractive males to then realize after you've checked them out that thety have a ring on. Again..only BYU haha.

I'm sure you'll get some hot dates out of this. Seriously, the library is always where it's at. Studying or not! I can't wait to hear about this new change for you! hehe :)

The Boob Nazi said...

I never got a date at the library; however, I didn't go very often.

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

I only say this as I have a close friend who works there; Technically you cannot eat in the library because no food is allowed into the library. Technically.

hilary said...

Katie, I just read the article, and I can totally get you insider tips. The guy they interviewed, Kelsy Orgill, totally works with me. I'll check out the real library scoop and pass it on!!! bahaha

Mother of the Bride said...

Katie, that article was totally boring. The DU definitely needs you on their staff!

Kristalyn said...

I used to eat all the time in the time I was sneaking in a hostess cupcake and it fell out of my coat sleeve where I was hiding it right in front of those guards at the top of the stairs (do they still have those)? Anywyas, i just looked at them and threw it away 'cuz I knew it wasn't allowed. Haha

I always sat on the fifth floor...but I never got any dates....hmmm good to know that maybe it was because I was studying too hard and not acting like I wasn't doing anything. :)

one who loves said...

Katie, you are hilarious. I rather hope you aren't ACTUALLY wasting a full hour sitting in the libary tryin to get guys to ask you out. is so MUCH more fun to try to make guys feel awkward, or blush. Seriously, the next time you're in the library, wink at someone who looks attractive but really nerdy and shy (or completely run into them, and help pick up their stuff). Way more fun. Trying to figure out the other people in the room who aren't studying, and sending them secret messages is cool too. (I've always wanted to throw a paper airplane in school. hm...)