Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Things I'm sure You always Wanted to know

I already did this on facebook, but since like Cindy, I'm sick of seeing my latest post as the first one..I just haven't had anything to write about. So I'll do this. Mainly to avoid homework. I'll try and switch some of the stuff up from my facebook one...but there's no promises.

25 Random things
Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. As of recent, I have started calling people "dear" and "dearest". I don't know why, it's kind of weird.
2. I send myself text messages to remind me of things, because I always seem to forget things. The most common text messages I have are lines from songs that I want to look up when I get home.
3. I talk to myself a lot. I'll catch myself while I'm walking around campus. Usually it's me imagining some sort of scenario or thinking about something, and I get way too caught up into it and start talking to myself.
4. Apparently I talk in my sleep quite a bit, according to Andrea. From the things she tells me I have said, I often times wonder what I was dreaming about.
5. I hate when people who I thought I was good friends with/close to don't talk to me for extended periods of times (okay, like longer than a week). Even though it's nothing against me most of the time, it makes me sad..i like talking to people!
6. Everytime I hear a song I like, I look up the lyrics and pretty much analyze the meaning of the song. Most of the songs I really like have some kind of personal meaning to me, and no matter what, when I hear it, it reminds me of the person, situation, etc. Sometimes it kind of sucks. Especially good songs that get ruined because they remind me of something (like hey there delilah...blah)
7. I hate doing laundry. I put it off as long as I possibly can, and when I do my laundry, I just put everything on the same cycle. It hasn't ruined anything yet.
8. Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Bears are probably the best candy ever. I don't buy them that often, however, because I'll eat the whole bag.
9. Today i watched several birthing videos in human development. and I almost threw up.
10. Everytime I see a guy on campus or in class, I automaticaly look at this ring finger. Is this strange?
11. Even when teachers tell us not to write something down from lectures, I still will. However, I never, ever, read my notes again. I just take ntoes to keep me from getting distracted.
12. I used to ask my bishopric back home to let me give talks in Church. Since being at college, I have avoided being asked to give a talk. I don't want to give them anymore. College students intimidate me.
13. I have a strange addiction to looking at wedding dresses online. It's really kind of weird. But oh so fun. One of my favorite shows is "Say Yes to the Dress". I could watch it all day. sigh.
14. When I find a song I really like, I play it on repeat over and over again. Pretty much for a few days. Then I get bored of it. There is one song I never get sick of though..bless the broken road. everytime it comes on one of my music players, i play it at least 4 times.
15. Whenever I walk past a mirror, window, or anything that has a reflection in it, I have to look at myself. I've even caught myself looking into the screen of my laptop screen when im in class. It's not cuz i'm vain..okay maybe it is.
16. I prefer hanging out with small groups of people. Big groups intimidate me and I don't talk. And when i do hang out with people, I like to be the center of attention. But that doesn't always work out when I'm with people who are really loud and like to take over. haha
17. Recently I discovered twitter. and i'm obsessed with it. It's like facebook statuses. all the time. it's so dumb. but sooo addicting. Nobody I know really has it, so I'm basically using it for my own sake when I want to say something but have no one to say it too..but its awesome.
18. I also loved getting the southwestern chicken sandwich at mcdonalds..until this moment when I read what Cindy said they were made out of. NASTY
19. I can't tell stories or jokes. I end up saying "Um.." and "well, i think this happened". Same things with jokes. They are never funny. I just rely on my natural wit to get me through life (don't burst my bubble, I like to think of myself as a witty person). Along the same lines, I never can quote movie lines. I never can remember any. Except for Zoolander.
20. I love new clothes but I HATE shopping for them. Like, I'm okay going for like 20 minutes, but after that I start complaining and wanting to go home. I'm definitely more of an online shopper.
21. Rascal Flatts is quite possibly the best band ever to exist. No joke.
22. In 8th grade, we had to take a class called AR. It was a huge joke. Me and my friends would just sit there and write notes to each other. One day we had a sub. And me and like 5 others were really loud and obnoxious, and the sub wrote down our names on a piece of paper and told us "we would be in alot of trouble the next day." I was mortified. I NEVER got in trouble for anything. I was an outstanding, teachers pet (i totally got the all around best student award in 8th grade), so I was all worried. Well, after discussing what to do, my good riend Emma went in during lunch, stole the note and ripped it up into little pieces. Needless to say, we never got in trouble. hahaha.
23. It's my favorite thing to go and watch american idol and eat good food at my brother's on tuesday and wednesdays. pretty much the highlight of my week. how lame is that.
24. When I feel awkward or am trying to avoid something/someone, i start typing random numbers into my phone number over and over again.
25. I cry in almost every tv show and movie. I'd say the most pathetic movie was Elf..and most recently I cried in the Biggest Loser. Yes, I am a huge sap. Commercials even make me cry.


Kristalyn said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading these! I have been told that I say some pretty random things in my sleep, too!

Mother of the Bride said...

Those were so funny! (They totally made me miss you.)I think you know yourself pretty well.

Brandon and Diana Bronson Family Blog said...

I loved reading all of these things! That one about Emma ripping up that note from the sub was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

1- lol you've never called me dearest :D
5- we need to hang out like asap
10-soooo byu :D lol

jezza.risky said...

1. Pet names like that are the best.
3. it's weird to talk to yourself?
4. From what my brother says I do too, but his one citing was the time I was awake cuz I remember it.
5. I'm pretty used to such things. A good friend is one that will actually respond when I say something to them on facebook.
6. I think hey there delilah was ruined the second time I heard it on the radio, it then proceeded to be played over and over for the next year several times a day, it makes me want to cut myself along with 'chasing cars' by snow patrol for similar reasons.
8. Grossest things I have ever heard of.
9. I would've done the same thing.
10. No, it's BYU. it's how you survive without to much embarrassment. Trust me I flirted with a married girl once...yeah not gonna do that again.
14. geez, I can't listen to a song more than like once a week, and my favorite songs I can tolerate only up to about twice a week.
17. Thats what Twitter is? That's all I do on facebook anyways, maybe I'll join.
18. So what's in it? I never really ate them cuz it just tasted like a chicken sandwich with pickles(even with no pickles on it)
19. Hey if the only thing you can quote is zoolander that's ok in my books.
20. I like looking through cds. I've never quite figured out why cds are so alluring. I can do it for work, I can stare at it for hours.
21. I would agree with you if you took out the words 'Rascall' and 'Flatts' and replaced them with 'The' and 'Aquabats'