Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Today as I was driving along, an advertisement came on the radio for Gold's Gym. For some reason I have always been biased against this gym, as I have had this weird stigma attached to it that it is really crappy. I have no idea why. Anyways, the advertisement was talking about at 16$ a month for 16 months deal. Lately I have been trying to cut costs, and the gym is one that has been sneaking to the top of the "wants, not needs" lists. The other day I even tried out the BYU gym again. Yeah, epic fail. Half the machines don't work, and there weren't even any cute guys. Isn't that the main reason for gyming? Anyways, so I go home and I call Gold's Gym . . .

Here's the conversation

Girl at Front Desk (in an oddly chipper voice): Hello! This is Gold's gym, how can we help your fitness today?
Me: Hi! I was just listening to the radio and I heard an advertisement for a membership that costs 16$. Is that true, or am I totally just making this up?
GFD: Nope! That is definitely a special here. Let me go ahead and transfer you over to a sale representative.
...*voice talking about GOld's gym goes on for a few seconds"
Carlos: Hello! This is Carlos, how may I help you?
Me: Hey I was wondering if you could give me more information on this 16$ a month membership.
Carlos: Of course, Love. What are you doing right now?
Me: Um, I'm just sitting on my bed.
Carlos: Well why aren't you here yet? Come on over and we can talk about memberships, I'll give you a free workout, and lots of other free stuff.
Me: Okay. I have to work at 7--
Carlos: Don't even worry, we'll be done before then. I will see you in 10 minutes.
Me: Uhhh sure! I'll be there soon.
Carlos: It's a date love. See you soon

(He had a sweet latino accent. I couldn't resist..and he looked like this

So I drive over to Gold's gym, and walk to the front desk. I have to admit, I was impressed with how sweet the gym was. It wasn't the ghetto-trash hole I was expecting (once again, I have no idea where this came from). The girl tells me to go sit down and fill out some paper work. So I do, and over comes my new best friend, Carlos. He's like "LOVE! So good to see you. Do you mind if our new employee joins us?" What am I supposed to say "No, I want to spend all this time with you. Alone." Right. So this other guy comes over, very short (more so than myself), but very attractive. He introduces himself. Notices that I said I was single on my guest information thing, and decides to tell me he is single as well. Awkward. He was shorter than me. So they go over some stuff with me, and then take me on a tour of the sweet gym. Seriously, the machines make 24 hour fitness look junky. Each machine has a tv, which you can watch whatever channel you want, and plug your iPod into. The machine screen is completely animated, and you can even have a virtual personal trainer. And if you want, you can bring a flash drive and save information about your workouts to it. Awesome right? They also have this really cool room called the "Fitness Cinema", where it has a bunch of machines that are in the dark, and there is a huge movie screen with a movie showing. It was cool.

So after we walked around, they asked me if I would like a membership. They showed me the cheapest membership, and that I had to pay the first month right then, plus a 99$ activation fee. Um, no thanks. I put on my flirt, tell them it's a bit much, and Carlos, being the best friend that he is, tells me he'll waive both fees, and I won't have to pay til December, and my monthly dues would be 25$. I'm like, okay, that sounds reasonable, but what about this 16$ a month membership. He then proceeds to tell me that I would have to pay 500$ upfront. Once again, no thank you. I have no money. So we go about the paperwork, and Carlos tells me that if I pay 530$ right then, I would really be paying 20$ a month. Didn't I just tell him I didn't have 500$? Thought so. So he then tells me he could split it into payments, and I could pay 150$ right then, and then a few more payments. I once again tell him that I am trying to pay off my credit card and really can't spare 150$. Eventually he gets down to me paying 50$ right now, and then 5 more payments of 99$, and it would all together be 20$ a month. It was tempting, but I just had to say no. Parents, be proud of me. He even brought over a guy named Cameron (different one) who was really cute, to try and persuade me. But I resisted. He just told me he was trying to help me save money. But he just didn't understand that I don't even have 500$ to my name. Silly Carlos. Anyways, I get signed up for the gym. 5$ less than 24 hour fitness, which isn't a lot, but oh well. But the title of this post. I have found that every (ie, three) guy that works at a gym's name is Cameron. Last year I befriended one of the desks attendees at hte BYU gym, and his name was Kameron. We even went on a couple dates. Of the three guys I associated with today at the gym, two were named Cameron. And although in order for this to be a legitimate sample size there would need to be more names surveyed, I have come to the conclusion that if you are named Cameron, you will likely work at a gym.

And by the way, one of the Cameron's? Totally hit it off with him (even though that's part of their job). He was way cute, tall, athletic...and best of all...He's going to be a DENTIST. Basically, we'll be getting married soon. Look for an invitation in the mail.

The other Cameron guy...the short one? He was talking about how he was short, so I asked him how tall he was. He was like "on a good day 5'4, but usually about 5'3". I'm like...Oh that's cool! Nothing wrong with that...I love short people. Foot in Mouth. He told me he thought I was awesome though and he looked forward to getting to know me. Me, him, and the other Cameron became best friends almost. I actually flirted with them without getting all shy, like I usually do around cute guys....But this dilemma is for another day, another post.

And that is all.


Kristina P. said...

I will so throw your shower!

Yeah, and Gold's totally screws you with all the fees.

Brandon and Diana Bronson Family Blog said...

Katie you are so funny! I can totally see the whole situation playing out in my head! LOL

Anonymous said...

I've heard about Gold's Gym. They're quite ridiculous. I'm looking forward to the army gyms, they're really nice and brian and i can work out for free. all the more reason for you to move to texas Katie :) hahahaha

Mauri said...

Too funny. So you did or didn't sign up? I thought I read you did...anyway that's funny about guys working at gyms named Cameron. So true! There is a guy at my gym names that haha. Maybe that wedding fair you went to will come in handy :) Just no colored rocks right?

Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh K-bark this post was HILARIOUS! hahahahaha I freakin love you! I can't believe you thought Gold's was trash... people complain about it cuz it's so expensive cuz it's SO nice! I'm officially jealous of your membership and excellent flirting skills. Go Katie and Camerons...and Carlos :)

mathistown said...

i loved this story!! so funny. and well told. good luck at the gym!

Kristalyn said...

I was a member of Gold's Gym for a couple of years. It was really nice, then...but it sounds like it has gone up...your own tv on every equipment? Cool. Did you go to the one on 9th East? I think I paid 30 a month? Maybe so you are getting a better deal than me. Bring Cameron by some time so we can meet him! :)