Friday, December 11, 2009

Epilogue to Pulpit Stories

As per the request of my BFF Ammon after my last blog post (which you might wanna read before this one) about pulpit meeting stories, I will now describe what I would think to be my "ideal" meeting of my husband. I've been needing to work on my creative fiction writing lately anyways. It won't happen, but oh, it would be way exciting. (And I'll be making it up as I go. While I may have dreams about how I would like my future husband to propose, I haven't actually thought of how I'd like to meet him. I figure you shouldn't plan those things, eh?)

Well, it would all start by my roommate, oh let's just say Hilary for the sake of the story, inviting me to go to her roommate from last year and boyfriend's say... Halloween party. There would be this random guy there who I found to be rather awesome and a cutie mc cute face. He would have some kind of Book of Mormony-esque name. You know, like one of the son's of Mosiah's names or something crazy like that. We'd be come BFF's through cookies and Skype. He'd go on his mission to somewhere in South America (maybe....Brazil?), I would write him, he would come back, and despite all the millions of boys who wanted to marry me, we'd get married.

Just kidding Ammon. I couldn't resist.

Let's see. I imagine it will go something like this:

(I'll put this in the format of how I will say it in my sacrament talk. Then, after it happens, I will just copy and paste it from this blogpost. Laziness = awesome).

"Good Morning Brother and Sisters. My name is Katie *insert awesome amazing last name that sounds awesome with my first name* and my husband and I just moved into your ward. We've been married 3 months (this will obviously be our first ward), and just so dang in love. We are both graduates of BYU. I majored in *insert my awesome major/minor here* and working at *awesome place* and my husband graduated with a degree in *awesome major that will bring in the big bucks* and just started working at *best job in the whole entire world*. Before I start my talk on charity/prayer/forgiveness/family, I feel like describing to you all the amazing love story of my hottie mc hot face husband and me. It all started about 2 years ago. One day, as I was browsing through the BYU bookstore, which was my favorite place to pass time back in the day, I picked up a book "Dating Secrets for Marrying a Good Man" (I'll hold the book up for visual purposes),

and all the sudden, I heard a deep, mesmerizing voice say "You don't need that book to marry a good man." I turned around and saw the most handsome man I ever saw. He proceeded to introduce himself as *hot name* and tell me that I was the most beautiful girl he ever had seen, and would like to take me on a date. Of course, being the game player I was, responded by saying "Well, as flattering as that was, you may be a creeper. So, give me your name, and number, and I'll call you if I find you to be acceptable." So he did, I went home, Facebook stalked him, and found him to be the most upstanding person in the world. He also had a blog that was filled with deep, insightful topics that were very articulately written. However, before I even got the chance to contact him, one night I woke up to rocks being thrown at my window. I looked out there, and once again saw that alluring boy from a few days previous, with a guitar. He sang and played "History in the Making" by Darius Rucker, and then told me he couldn't get me off his mind. I ignored the fact that it was way creepy that he found not only my exact apartment, but my room, and decided to give him a chance. From that point on, we were inseperable, and still are. And that is our love story. I give all the young women in the room permission to swoon. And now I will give my talk . . ."

Awesome, right? I'm pretty impressed by my creativeness. 10 points to me!


Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

So moderated stalking is approved to get girls? This is good to know. ;)

Mauri said...

haha I loved this. Very creative :)
Do you ever see things like this in movies and think to yourself "wouldn't that be awesome if that happened to me in real life"

I think you should post more of these "how I met my husband" stories. Yes I thought of that because of the TV Show How I Met Your Mother haha. I don't know why.

Kristina P. said...

This is so funny! You are such a creative writer.

The Boob Nazi said...

I don't like guys who sing. But other than that, awesome!

emz said...

Lol at this post and the one before that. Katie, this reminds me of Edward Cullen *shudder* but I think your story is basically more awesome. :)