Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ask, and ye shall receive

A few weeks ago, my New Testament teacher, Brother Johnson, was like "Pray for specifics. If you want a specific blessing, ask for it. God doesn't want ambiguity." Or something like that. Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, speaking of his mother, remembered that she would “call on the Lord with perfect confidence when special blessings were needed.”

Well, today, I definitely found this to be true.

So for about a week or so, we've been planning an exciting excursion to Salt Lake City to hit up the Pie and look at the lights at Temple Square. Even though I already went a few weeks ago with my family, I always enjoy going with friends, and I knew several of my friends hadn't seen them yet, so the planning begun. Well, fast forward to yesterday, when I was informed that there was supposedly a huge snow storm coming into Provo/Salt Lake. Obviously, driving in the snow/ice is usually not a good idea. Seeing as I hate when things fall through, I was pretty bummed that this awesome trip might get cancelled. Well, I decided it was necessary to do a little bit of praying. I prayed for no snow at all. Well that didn't happen. I woke up this morning, and much to my dismay, there was a fresh layer of snow blanketing the street. I went back to bed to bask in my sadness. About three hours later, I woke up to find the roads had been plowed. I ended up driving up to Walmart, and was happy that the snow that was falling was wet snow. Later that afternoon, I went to the Temple. I was still hearing reports of a ton of snow that was supposed to fall that day. So while I was there, I felt the need to pray that the storm wouldn't happen. As I was sitting there in the pew, I rememered what my teacher had said. So I prayed "please make it so the snow doesn't stick to the streets and make it too icy to drive, and we that it won't snow while we drive up, and that it won't snow when we are up there. you can let it snow really hard the second we get back to our apartment, but just make it so we can go!" or something along those lines. I was pretty intent about it. I felt good about it, and left it at that.

Hilary and I got back from the temple, and we decided we should head up to Salt Lake earlier. The weather didn't look to bad, and luckily everyone was able to leave early. So we headed up. And it rained for about half the way, but no snow. I was like "heh....well, I prayed for no snow, but I guess I should have mentioned rain as well." We got to Salt Lake with no problems, and it didn't snow at all. It was actually really kind of warm, especially compared to temperatures as of late. Well, as soon as we got back to our apartment for the night, guess what? It started snowing. Really hard. As I speak, there is a ton of snow falling, and it's sticking to the roads.

If that's not a specific answer to a specific prayer, then I don't know what is. Cort was like "Maybe I should have you say some prayers for me, you seem to have an in" (or something). hehe

So, since this SLC trip actually happened, here's some pictures from the night :)

Okay, these pictures are in backwards order and I don't have enough patience to reorganize them....So I suppose I'll start with the end

After we got back from SLC, we went over to the guys' apartment for hot chocolate and water. Kristian played some beautiful Christmas songs on the piano. I seriously thought it was so awesome.
I made Andrea take a picture with me on the couch. Because I was bored. I have to add, that shortly after this, Ammon started reading to us from a random Costco Cookbook. I unfortunately don't have a picture of that, but it was entertaining. Especially when we started adding veal to the end of every recipe....apparently him and I were the only ones that thought it was hilarious. Lame. Yes.
So we found this random creeper/gangster/homeless dude on the side of the street. I felt bad for him, and thought that he probably didn't ever have any pictures taken of him, so I took one. He was scary.
(Ammon. You truly were creepy)
My roommate from last year, Andrea, and her boyfriend Chris were able to meet up with us for Dinner and the Lights. I was so excited. I love Andrea. Last year we had an exciting adventure in Temple Square together. I think it should be a tradition. Anyways, just because I love comparison pictures, here is a picture of us from this year...

...And from this year! I think a year has done us well, yes?

They're in lub. They are so cute, it makes me wanna jump for joy. Sometimes I do.
David saw a scarf on the ground and was like "Do you know what that is?" and We're like...a scarf. And he's like, or maybe it was a snowman. It was rather clever. And I thought it was hilarious. So I took a picture. Oh, and at this exact place, a little boy threw a snowball at me. It was the funniest thing of my life. I thought that it was someone in the group I was with, so I was like "OH MY GOSH! WHAT THE HECK!" only to look over and see a mom and dad sheepishly looking at me and apologizing profusely. The little boy looked scared, so I was just like "oh it's okay! you are so cute! that was so funny!"
I love Cortney and Hilary :) We have so much fun together, and I'd be so sad without them! Especially when we have pizza roll/totino pizza parties. And obviously pictures in front of the temple parties
This is one of the only pictures of Cort from the night that she approved of,so I had to post it. hehe.
We went to the Pie for dinner. It was funny. We were ordering the pizza, and to the guy taking our order, I was like "So how are you?" And I thought he said "overwhelmed!" and I noticed Ammon looked rather taken back by his response, so I was like, "oh what's that again?" And he was like "i'm a little hungover." And I'm like "Umm....awesome...I'm sorry?" And he's like "Eh, it happens. And I thought to myself "umm..I go to BYU." haha.

But anyways, this picture. I have this theory that the persons who are in the front of the picture always look the worst. So I insisted Cort ask the guy nearest her take the picture, instead of the two girls sitting by me. My plan worked. You may not see me, but at least I don't look disgusting. Not that Cortney and Kristian do. They look hot.
Ammon was brave and ate the pizza with his hands instead of a fork. He succeeded. Unlike others of us.
Hilary trying the pizza for the first time (even though she was lame and refused to eat the intense one...)
(this was the intense delicious one)
They are cute.
This is Ammon. He was the inspiration for my last blog post, just so everyone knows. Pretty much if I had a fave five, he might be on it.
Ammon, Sydney, and Kristian. They be awesome.

The end. It was a great night!


The Boob Nazi said...

I live in SALT LAKE!!!!!!! However, I was in Park City tonight.

Anonymous said...

I like this post, especially the part about prayer and praying for specifics. I think I needed a reminder of that. Thank you.

Ammon said...

That was such a fun night! I'm glad the weather was so accommodating. It's too bad the traffic wasn't quite so friendly. Thanks for planning it!

p.s. That's so cute that I'd be on your fav five! I think I'd be on my own fav five too. ;)

emz said...

LOL I love you guys (Ammon and Katie; I don't know the other 2). :)