Tuesday, December 14, 2010

8 Days!

8 days until I'm married! Woo hoo! People keep asking me if I am totally stressed out about it, and really, not anymore. Yes, there was a point about two weeks ago where I about had a breakdown, but since then, everything has come together so nicely. I just can't wait to get home on Thursday, because, then the real countdown can begin! I think everything is really starting to come together. I am going to be taking out my Endowments next Tuesday, the day before the wedding. I'm very anxious, nervous, and excited for that. Here is just a sneak peak of everything that is to come (mainly because I'm so excited and want to talk about the details!)

Tomorrow is my final dress fitting and then I get to bring it home! I got my Bridals done by Creative Wedding Events, and Amanda did a spectacular job! I wish I could post all of the pictures here, but being the traditionalist that I am (or maybe being as superstitious as I am!), don't want Forrest to see the dress until our wedding day. Until then, here is a very, very little sneak peak (haha, you can't even see the dress).

Our cake flavors? Well, we put a lot of thought into this. We wanted something delicious. We researched all different sorts of flavors, and this is what we came up with :)

Buttercream frosting on all the layers
First layer: White cake with Raspberry
Second Layer: Spice Cake with a whipped brown sugar panache
Third Layer: Pound Cake with a strawberry filling
Fourth Layer: Oreo

I only wish I could eat all of the flavors (maybe I can convince my mother to save us a piece of each :) It's going to be a surprise what it looks like! (mainly because I don't have a picture. We decided what we wanted it to look like by taking bits of pieces of cakes we saw)

My nieces, Alexis and Tori, are going to be my junior bridesmaids. We found this beautiful dresses awhile ago (okay, I found them before we were even engaged). They will, of course, have a cute little sweater to go with them. My other nieces, Lyla and Kaci, will have green dresses as well, that we got for an awesome price. I just don't have a picture of them!

Here is the bridesmaid skirt! I love it so much! We also found a way cute cardigan to have everyone wear with it!

All the groomsmen and my nephews have really pretty green ties that we got from Cheap-neckties.com (awesome site, by the way)

Forrest is going to look mighty suave in a gray tux with a green tie. We are picking that up tomorrow!

We are going to have a delicious hot chocolate bar, soups with assorted bread, and spinach artichoke dip at the reception (and a few other things, I believe). I have to say, years ago (probably like...3?) I told my mom how much I really wanted to get married in December and have a hot chocolate bar and soups. I've seen several people doing hot chocolate bars lately, but just so everyone knows, I'm not copying them! haha. The reception is going to be beautiful though!

And most importantly, this is where Forrest and I will be married for time and all eternity. Granted, there will be no flowers like that, but if the weather report proves to be correct (oh please be right!), it will be 52 degrees and sunny! Almost unheard of for a few days before Christmas!

I'm so happy :)


Brandon and Diana Bronson Family Blog said...

Yay!! It was fun to read this =) Did you notice that you wrote, "Alexis and Tori are going to be my bridesmaid dresses" lol! I cant wait to see u in a few days!

AJ and Cindy said...

haha I noticed that , too! Everything is going to be so classy!

Mother of the Bride said...

Yikes!! One week!! No wonder I'm not getting any sleep......:) But despite that I'm very excited and so happy that you and Forrest are getting married soon!

Mars said...

It's going to be amazing. Every part of that day. So excited for you! Everything sounds great. I'm soooo bummed I can't be there!!!

Tasha said...

Yay, Katie! We're doing that same shade of plum with light yellow. You will be a beautiful bride! So happy for you!

Amy said...

WOW. I have really been missing out :(
I had no clue you were getting married. I'm glad I got back into blogging again, otherwise I probably would've never known! Congrats girlie!!! :)